LG unveils new MiniLED TV ahead of CES 2021

The company's new MiniLED LCD TV, called LG QNED TV, uses ultra-small LEDs as its backlight to boost brightness and contrast ratio.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

LG Electronics on Tuesday unveiled its new MiniLED TV line-up, ahead of CES 2021.

Called LG QNED TV, the liquid crystal display (LCD) TV uses ultra-small LEDs as the backlight. The LEDs used to emit light are tenth of the size of ones it used on LCD TVs previously, the South Korean electronics maker said.

The smaller LEDs allow more of them to be packed in an area, thereby increasing the brightness of the TV, LG said. It also allows for more segmented local dimming that increases the contrast ratio, it added.

The 8K, 86-inch model of LG QNED TV packs 30,000 LEDs as the backlight.

The South Korean electronics maker said it has also applied quantum dot and nanocell technologies to increase the color accuracy of the new TVs.

LG will showoff over ten models in the new line-up that will come in various sizes as well as 8K and 4K resolutions at CES 2021.

The company said its OLED TVs will be its highest-tier offering out of all its TVs. Meanwhile, LG QNED TV will be the highest-tier product in its LCD TVs, followed by its Nanocell brand, it added. LG is also expected to announce new OLED TVs at CES 2021.

Earlier this month, Samsung confirmed that it was also preparing to showoff new MiniLED TVs as part of its QLED brand. The South Korean tech giant also showed off its new 110-inch MicroLED TV. Samsung is expected to unveil them at a First Look event on January 6, ahead of CES 2021. 

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