Lyft launches $299 a month subscription plan, transportation as a service arrives

Lyft is about to change the economics involved with transportation, generate recurring revenue and give us one fine experiment to watch.

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Get ready for transportation as a service. Lyft is launching its All-Access Plan, a $299 a month subscription for 30 rides up to $15 each.

Lyft said in a blog post that passengers can subscribe to the plan in the U.S. Assuming that each ride is $15 and all 30 rides are used a month, consumers get $450 in value for $299.

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The fine print includes 5 percent off additional rides beyond the 30 in the subscription and the plan's rides does not roll over to the next month. If a ride goes beyond $15 you pay the difference.

Like gym memberships and other subscriptions, however, it's likely that many folks won't use all 30 rides. Nevertheless, the big picture is that everything is a service and transportation will be one of the biggest industries disrupted.

Lyft's argument for the subscription is that its plan is cheaper than owning a car (paying for gas, maintenance and insurance a month).

The service approach to transportation has been a development worth watching for multiple players.

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