Lyft launches $299 a month subscription plan, transportation as a service arrives

Lyft is about to change the economics involved with transportation, generate recurring revenue and give us one fine experiment to watch.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Get ready for transportation as a service. Lyft is launching its All-Access Plan, a $299 a month subscription for 30 rides up to $15 each.

Lyft said in a blog post that passengers can subscribe to the plan in the U.S. Assuming that each ride is $15 and all 30 rides are used a month, consumers get $450 in value for $299.

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https://www.zdnet.com/article/autonomous-cars-on-us-roads-with-no-brake-pedals-steering-wheels-just-edged-closer/The fine print includes 5 percent off additional rides beyond the 30 in the subscription and the plan's rides does not roll over to the next month. If a ride goes beyond $15 you pay the difference.

Like gym memberships and other subscriptions, however, it's likely that many folks won't use all 30 rides. Nevertheless, the big picture is that everything is a service and transportation will be one of the biggest industries disrupted.

Lyft's argument for the subscription is that its plan is cheaper than owning a car (paying for gas, maintenance and insurance a month).

The service approach to transportation has been a development worth watching for multiple players.


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