Market mayhem: Tech stocks on a rollercoaster

UPDATE: World markets continue to slide, fuelling a re-evaluation of the high-tech sector
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Last updated: Thu, 20th Apr 2000

It's been a hair-raising ride over the last few days for investors on both sides of the Atlantic, with tech shares on Nasdaq and techMARK indices unable to regain stability.

The slide began with the US Department of Justice's decision against Microsoft 4 April, triggering the tech-heavy Nasdaq's biggest ever one-day decline. Conditions have been exacerbated by fears that the Internet bubble has finally burst, but industry analysts still say the setbacks are temporary.


  • London markets rise -- Tech stocks continue to stage fragile recovery. Wed, 19th Apr 2000
  • UK markets: Another grey day -- Tech shares halt their decline for the day, helped by US markets in a buoyant mood - but investors don't show much enthusiasm. Tue, 18th Apr 2000
  • UK markets hold steady -- T-Online flotation, hopes of gains in US markets hold UK stocks back from the brink - for now. Mon, 17th Apr 2000
  • Cisco leads tech revival -- A flight to quality sparked the Nasdaq's recovery at midday Monday. Cisco, other tech bellwethers and B2B stocks all made strong gains Mon, 17th Apr 2000
  • T-Online rises on debut - a little -- Europe's largest ISP rises above its list price - but only because that price was near the bottom of the range. Mon, 17th Apr 2000
  • UK investors holding their nerve amid slump -- Little panic despite dizzying drop Monday in FTSE and techMARK.Mon, 17th Apr 2000
  • The Day Ahead: Dump those tech shares, make a trader's day -- Pssst. There are a lot of traders waiting for you to dump your tech shares in a panic today Mon, 17th Apr 2000
  • Analysts: Europe tech stocks could fall more -- Euro tech stocks will probably fall another 20 to 30 percent this week before markets settle down, London Internet analysts said Monday. Mon, 17th Apr 2000
  • FTSE still blue after Wall Street woes -- A lethargic FTSE 100 remained mired one percent lower on Friday, depressed from the outset by another day of volatile trading on Wall Street. Fri, 14th Apr 2000
  • Nasdaq reverses course, slides into the red -- The Nasdaq thrashed about until it gave up in the last hour of trading Thursday, falling with a thud to a level unseen since mid-December. Fri, 14th Apr 2000
  • FTSE 100 cuts losses as telecoms stage fightback -- Positive news from BT, Vodafone AirTouch and a few others helps stabilise market. Thu, 13th Apr 2000
  • Nasdaq falls 286, Dow ends off 161 -- 'I don't want to know what's next,' says one trader as Nasdaq goes to the bears. Thu, 13th Apr 2000
  • Nasdaq enters bear territory, Euro tech stocks fall -- UK techs slid yet again after US' tech-heavy Nasdaq fell into bear-market territory. Thu, 13th Apr 2000
  • Nasdaq drop slams UK markets - again -- The wild ride isn't over for tech shares, which have plummeted following Nasdaq's big drop Monday. Tue, 11th Apr 2000
  • Nasdaq index suffers 2nd worst point loss -- Technology-heavy index closes down 258.28 points, with most of loss coming in late afternoon on unusually light trading. Tue, 11th Apr 2000
  • Tech stocks on a roll but FTSE 100 declines -- Positive ARM results give techMARK a boost. Mon, 10th Apr 2000
  • Tech gems still there for careful hunter -- Market downturn refocuses attention on the essentials. Fri, 07th Apr 2000
  • High-tech stocks not out of the woods -- Tech stocks in UK and the rest of Europe are recovering, but don't breathe easy yet, say analysts. Fri, 07th Apr 2000
  • It's back: FTSE tops 6,500, boosted by techs -- Tech shares make a comeback, boosting top index over key psychological goal. Fri, 07th Apr 2000
  • Broker tip triples QXL share price -- What Internet bubble? QXL asks. Fri, 07th Apr 2000
  • London eyes alternatives after LSE failure -- Backup trading systems considered as market mulls seeking compensation from Andersen. Fri, 07th Apr 2000
  • Computer glitch locks up stock exchange -- The technical glitch that brought down the stock exchange Wednesday has been fixed, after hours of suspended trading. Wed, 05th Apr 2000
  • Tech shares surge back, boost FTSE -- Following market selloff, tech stocks finally come back. Thu, 06th Apr 2000
  • FTSE falls to four week low as techs tumble-- FTSE 100 suffered a dramatic two-way pull on Tuesday, with strength in leading bank and drug stocks eventually overwhelmed by sharp falls in unwanted telecom, media and technology (TMT) sectors. Wed, 05th Apr 2000
  • UK tech stocks take a hammering -- Microsoft ruling hits key high-tech shares in UK following biggest-ever one-day Nasdaq decline. Tue, 04th Apr 2000
  • Microsoft broke the law -- Jackson rules Microsoft acted anti-competitively and illegally tied its browser to Windows, says Judge Jackson. Tue, 04 Apr 2000

    • The baby and the bathwater -- Tony Westbrook has been watching technology company stock prices as they race to the floor over the last few days. But he's spotted the reason why they will have to bounce back. One day...

  • Is QXL.com really the next eBay?-- Shares of QXL.com went bonkers because an analyst compared the UK-based online auctioneer to a young eBay. But QXL.com is a long shot to become the next eBay.
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