Meizu creates a 'holeless' handset with no ports dubbed the Zero

No charging port, no headphone jack, no speakers, no SIM tray.
Written by Chris Duckett, Contributor

Meizu has taken the wraps off its new zero handset, which the company has said is the world's first "holeless" device, that makes Apple's self-proclaimed courage call of 2016 look wimpy in 2019.

The Chinese smartphone maker has done away with the port for power and data transfer, instead preferring wireless equivalents, removed the headphone jack as per most handsets nowadays, the SIM tray has been replaced by an eSIM, and the traditional speakers are replaced by what Meizu calls "mSound 2.0 In-screen Sound Technology" that allows the display to behave as a speaker.

The display itself is a 6-inch AMOLED, which also includes a fingerprint reader, and the phone is housed in a ceramic unibody that has virtual buttons for power and volume on its side. The device has an IP68 rating.

"Striving for perfect design and the 'less is more' minimalist style, Meizu zero comes with a true holeless design, striving for the highest possible degree of minimalism," the company said.

Not surprisingly, the phone will be packaged with a wireless charging pad to give energy to the device.

Within China, Huawei is the top seller, with a recent report stating the Chinese giant could possibly overtake Apple for second place in global production volumes this year.

Samsung is set to retain its crown, as production volume for the entire industry is set to decline by 1.4 billion units, or 3 to 5 percent.

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