​MS Tech to launch seamless USB-C cable globally

South Korea's MS Tech will launch its USB-C cable that boasts a seamless design and a data transmission rate of 10Gbps.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

MS Tech will globally launch its USB-C cable that meets the USB 3.1 standard of 10Gbps data transmission speeds and supplies 100 watts of power.

The South Korean firm's Now brand of USB-C cable that can be connected either side was launched locally back in February.

Most USB-C cables are made through bent metal materials connected to each other, which causes durability problems, but Now has a seamless one-body design, MS Tech said.

The company said it used a "deep drawing" method to make a one-body cable using high-durability stainless steel. It said the method took two and half years to perfect and that it has seven related patents on the technology.

Making a one-body cable reduces electricity loss by up to 30 percent compared to conventional cables, the firm said.

Both ends come with IC chips made with 24K gold that increases conductivity.

MS Tech was founded by ex-LG Electronics employees and supplies ultra-small components to LG Electronics, Samsung, and Apple. Last year it supplied the cable for Cupertino's MacBook, which had four USB-C ports.

Google was the first to put in USB-C connector in smartphones, for the Nexus. LG Electronics and Samsung put it in their G5 and Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, respectively. Adoption will increase going forward.

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