News to know: Apple, Crapware; Icahn and Yahoo; Brocade

Notable headlines:Larry Dignan: Apple's Mac shipments surge; Lowballs on outlook; Jobs health worriesAdrian Kingsley-Hughes: Apple reports record Q3 08Does Apple need to announce a post Steve Jobs plan?

Notable headlines:

Larry Dignan: Apple's Mac shipments surge; Lowballs on outlook; Jobs health worries

Ed Bott: Sony's amazing crapware-free PC

Sam Diaz: Brocade to acquire Foundry in $3 Billion deal

Gallery: How to destroy your hard drive (right)

Ed Bott: First hints of Microsoft's 'fight back' ads appear

Joshua Greenbaum: Unintended Consequences and the Future of Maintenance Revenue: SAP Jettisons TomorrowNow

TechRepublic: How TechRepublic cracked open the iPhone 3G

Tom Foremski: Updated:Will social media lead to user generated unemployment? Adobe revs media player, signs up Sony

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Intel cuts Core 2 and Xeon prices

NY Times: Smaller PCs Cause Worry for Industry

LCD TVs recommended over plasma TVs in retail, Samsung and Sony top recommended brands

Sam Diaz: McAfee fined $18 million for patent infringement

Dignan: Yahoo, Icahn settle proxy fight: Assessing winners and losers

Matthew Miller: Sprint and Verizon release Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrades for existing devices

Phil Wainwright: Sequoia bets on enterprise apps in the cloud

TechCrunch: MySpace To Join OpenID, Bringing Total Enabled Accounts to Over A Half Billion

Christopher Dawson: Please tell me an actual Apple netbook is on the way

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft delivers Home Server data-corruption fix in P

ower Pack 1

Ryan Naraine: Has Halvar figured out super-secret DNS vulnerability?

O'Grady: WordPress client for iPhone imminentDana Blankenhorn: Could a desktop Ubuntu bundle earn share?

Paul Murphy: Apache's open source governance model

Heather Clancy: Smart grid players extend their influence beyond the pilot phase

Janice Chen: Panasonic announces four new Lumix cameras: F

X37, FZ28, LX3, and FX150

Steve O'Hear: A few thoughts on Facebook's redesign

Photos: Great Red Spot eats 'Baby'

Dan Kusnetzky: SteelEye Protection Suite for Citrix XenServer

Kingsley-Hughes: The computer mouse set to die out in the next five years? Don't bet on it!

AMD on road to recovery, says research firm