Oracle unveils Autonomous NoSQL Database service

The latest part of Oracle's autonomous database portfolio, the new database service is tuned for for NoSQL applications requiring low latency, data model flexibility and elastic scaling.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

Oracle on Tuesday announced the next component of Oracle's autonomous database portfolio, the Oracle Autonomous NoSQL Database.

The fully-managed service is tuned for NoSQL applications requiring low latency, data model flexibility and elastic scaling. This could include shopping carts, online fraud detection, gaming or advertising. Developers can specify the throughput and capacity that they wish to provision, and resources are allocated and scaled accordingly to meet dynamic workload requirements.

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Oracle first introduced its autonomous database in October of last year, in conjunction with an automated cybersecurity system. Since then, the Silicon Valley giant has announced the general availability of the Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud and has rolled out an autonomous transaction processing service.

With a suite of platform services that leverage machine learning and automation, Oracle is trying to build a cloud business that can chip away at Amazon Web Services' market lead. Oracle compares the new Autonomous NoSQL Database to Amazon DynamoDB, calling it more reliable at 99.95 percent availability. Oracle also claims it's up 70 percent lower cost than Amazon DynamoDB for read-only workloads.

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The Autonomous NoSQL Database supports key value APIs, including simple declarative SQL API and command line interfaces. It also supports flexible data models for data representation, including relational and ad-hoc JSON. The service provides a standard SQL language, delivering interoperability between relational and JSON data models. It enables users to run the same application in the cloud or on premise with no platform lock-in.

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