Otis launches smart elevator, people mover platform Otis One

Otis, a unit of United Technologies Corp., has launched Otis One, an analytics platform to track its people moving systems and offer preventative maintenance and services.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

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Otis has launched Otis One, an Internet of things platform to connect its elevators, share data, and offer analytics for predictive maintenance.

The effort highlights how enterprises are digitizing to become de facto technology vendors. Otis, a unit of United Technologies Corp., manufactures and maintains elevators, escalators, and moving walkways.

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While the people moving systems are the most obvious product of Otis, the company garners revenue from service contracts, too.

Otis One combines 30 years of remote monitoring data and machine learning, cloud computing, and other technologies into one package. For Otis, the platform is a vehicle to make services teams more efficient and gauge equipment health in real time.


Otis One collects data from elevators and other people moving systems. Credit: Otis

According to Otis, its IoT platform will compile data from more than 300,000 connected units via smart sensors. The data is aggregated and analyzed in the cloud.

In addition, Otis One will include a campus view to see an enterprise's entire portfolio of people movers and connect customers with repair pros quickly.

Otis One comes a week after the company outlined Signature Service, a combination of digital technologies to bolster customer service.

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