Palm launches new worldwide Treo marketing campaign

Palm is kicking off a new ad campaign to help educate the general public on the power of the wireless mobile device. They will be using lots of advertising, interactive kiosks, new microsite, and a new viral marketing approach to spread the news. Look for people wearing Treo clothing and stopping you on the street in a major city near you in the new year.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer on

The Palm Treo is a very popular mobile phone and I personally used my Treo 650 for over a year. When I travel the Treo lineup is the most common higher end phone I see in the hands of business travelers. Today Palm is launching a new worldwide marketing campaign for their Treo devices. The campaign is being run for six months by AKQA and it combines non-traditional marketing approaches along with standard media coverage. This sounds interesting since I have been a part of the very successful Nokia Nseries Blogger Relations program and I think reaching out with different non-standard approaches is a good practice.

Treo ad campaign
Palm is hoping to use the new campaign to educate people on the power of accessing the internet on the go. Us mobile enthusiasts have known all about this for a few years, but I still regularly run into people who have no idea what these latest mobile devices are capable of. Palm's new campaign will use continue to use lots of advertising in conjunction with interactive kiosks, including SMS-activated kiosks, that will be placed at bus stops and in window fronts in major cities. Other new marketing plans include the new microsite, www.onTreo.com, that gives people a feel for what a Treo can do and their new viral marketing approach where people dressed in bright-colored Treo clothing will be walking around major cities interacting with people on the street.
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