Raspberry Pi PoE HAT is back on sale again

After a problem with the PoE HAT for the Raspberry Pi 3B+, an updated version is now available.
Written by J.A. Watson, Contributor

In a recent post about the Raspberry Pi I mentioned that there was a problem with their recently announced PoE (Power over Ethernet) HAT for the new Pi 3B+.

Recently a post in the Raspberry Pi Blog announced the availability of revised boards with this problem fixed. The article mentions that most authorized Raspberry Pi resellers should have the new PoE boards in stock now (or should get them very soon). I have checked Pi-Shop.ch here in Switzerland, and sure enough they have it, and display it prominently on their home page.

I don't have an Ethernet switch which provides PoE, so I can't test this unit myself. But considering the amount of attention this problem has gotten, I have no doubt that they have in fact fixed the problem.

If you have an interest in hardware, the Pi Blog article makes for good reading.

I am a bit surprised and very impressed by the speed with which they were able to fix this problem and get the updated boards into the distribution channel. Well done.


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