RAVPower Portable SSD: The perfect drive for your PC, Mac, Android device, or iPad Pro

Break free of cloud storage with a small, portable SSD that will work across a whole range of platforms and devices.

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Looking for a portable SSD that's big enough to store all your files, and yet small enough to slip into a pocket, and that will work with a wide array of different devices and ecosystems? The RAVPower Portable SSD might be the tool for you.

Externally, the RAVPower Portable SSD is little bigger than a packet of gum, measuring 3.9 x 1.2 x 0.4 inch (102 x 30 x 8.5mm)  and weighing in at 6.9oz (195g). It's constructed of a zinc alloy with a "piano-like baked surface," and testing suggests that the finish is pretty durable, and offers it a decent degree of resistance to shock and vibration.

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On the inside is 512GB or 1TB of SSD storage, with a rated maximum transfer speed of 540MB/s. I tested mine on a MacBook Pro using Black Magic Design's Disk Speed Test and got write speeds of 460MB/s, and read speeds of 510MB/s with the 512GB drive, which is not too shabby at all.

The drive does get quite warm in use, but the case appears to do a good job of dissipating the heat.

The drive comes with a short USB-C to USB-C and USB-A to USB-C cables, along with a small carry pouch.

What I like about the drive -- apart from its portability -- is how ideally suited it is for use across a variety of devices effortlessly, from a PC or Mac, to an Android device or iPad Pro, and the size and weight of it means it makes sense when you're carrying a light loadout of gear.  

I've been carrying this drive for the past few weeks and it's performed very well indeed, and is a great way to free yourself from cloud storage and share files between different devices.

The drive comes in 512GB and 1TB capacities, and priced at $88.95 and $165.95, respectively, and is available from Amazon.

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