Samsung adds a home security camera, light bulb, and Wi-Fi plug to SmartThings lineup

All three products are priced to attract new users to SmartThings, with and without a dedicated hub.
Written by Jason Cipriani, Contributing Writer

Samsung's SmartThings platform supports countless connected devices and accessories, ranging from Ring video doorbells to Phillips light bulbs. Samsung, by all measures, has built a convenient, centralized place for users to add accessories and services to SmartThings with relative ease. However, Samsung isn't content with letting its SmartThings users rely on other companies for connected products in the home.

Samsung on Monday announced the addition of SmartThings CamSmartThings Wi-Fi Smart Plug, and SmartThings Smart Bulb.


Samsung's latest SmartThings products. 


The SmartThings Cam is designed for use inside your home and will sell for $89.99. The Cam can capture 145-degree wide-angle video in full high-definition with HDR recording. Recordings in low -light environments are possible thanks to night vision. Two-way audio means you can check on the camera feed from your phone and talk to whoever you see.

Push notifications are sent to the SmartThings mobile app for motion alerts. The same app is where users can set activity zones to monitor. The camera can also discern between a pet, car, or person and send alerts based on the user's preference.

Each SmartThings Cam includes 24-hours of cloud storage for free, or users can pay $8 or month ($80 per year) for 30-day storage for up to eight cameras.

The SmartThings Wi-Fi Smart Plug is priced at $17.99 and connects directly to a users Wi-Fi network. In fact, both the Cam and the Wi-Fi Smart Plug forgo the need for a user to have a SmartThings hub. Instead, both devices connect directly to the users Wi-Fi network and are controlled via the mobile app.

Lastly, Samsung's Smart Bulb will set you back just under $10. Unlike the plug and camera, the Smart Bulb does require a SmartThings hub. The bulb's brightness can be adjusted via the SmartThings app and it integrates with SmartThings scheduling features. 

Must-see offers

All three products are available starting today from Samsung.com or at Best Buy.

Are you a SmartThings user? If so, do any of these new products appeal to you? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments. 

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