​Samsung sells 1 million Galaxy Note 9 units in South Korea

Samsung has sold 1 million Galaxy Note 9 devices in South Korea 54 days after sales began, down on the preceding Galaxy Note 8 which hit the same number in 48 days.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

Samsung Electronics has sold 1 million units of the Galaxy Note 9 in South Korea, the company has announced.

It hit the number 54 days after sales began, slower than the Galaxy Note 8, which reached the million mark after just 48 days.

The Galaxy S9, launched earlier this year, hit 1 million sales in Samsung's homeland within 60 days.

Samsung expects to report a record 17.5 trillion won in operating profits for the third quarter, but mobile is predicted to contribute less than it used to.

The Galaxy Note 9 was launched in late August, earlier than its predecessors to get ahead of the market after Samsung has been increasingly squeezed by Chinese rivals offering near-premium specs at competitive prices.

The South Korean tech giant has launched the mid-tier Galaxy A7 with a triple camera aimed at Southeast Asia and fighting back against its main rival Huawei.

The Chinese tech behemoth overtook Apple in smartphone shipment in the second quarter to become global runner-up, although that may change after Cupertino's launch of the iPhone XS.

Samsung is also touting its upcoming foldable phone, which its mobile boss says is a tablet that fits in your pocket, and is aiming to be the first in the world to launch such technology.

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