Samsung unveils new MicroLED TVs in smaller sizes at CES 2022

The South Korean tech giant has introduced two new sizes -- 101-inch and 89-inch -- for its 2022 model MicroLED TV lineup.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer
Image: Samsung

Samsung on Monday introduced its new 2022 model MicroLED TVs, some of which are smaller in size than previous iterations, ahead of CES 2022 starting on Wednesday.

The South Korean tech giant said its 2022 roster of the technology will come in 110-inch, 101-inch, and 89-inch TV sizes. Samsung began selling MicroLED TVs as 110-inch screens last year.

MicroLED uses micrometre-sized LEDs to express individual pixels and do not use a backlight or colour filter. This allows for better colour accuracy and a higher contrast ratio than conventional liquid crystal display TVs that use a backlight.

Samsung said it applied 20-bit micro contrast processing technology to the 2022 model MicroLED TVs to improve HDR features of the TVs.

The company claimed the sets met 100% of the RGB colour space set by DCI-P3 and Adobe RGB.

The new MicroLED TVs also support up to four HDMI port connections to split the screen to display four different content inputs simultaneously, Samsung said. They also support Dolby Atmos Sound and have speakers on all four sides.

Meanwhile, Samsung also said its 2022 model Neo QLED TVs will come with an upgraded processor that supports better contrast mapping than last year's edition.

The TVs can now control the luminance of the screen at 14-bit rather than 12-bit.

Also ahead of CES on the same day, LG Display said it will introduce its new OLED technology that improves the luminance of the screen by up to 30% compared to its predecessors.

The technology, called OLED.EX, uses new deuterium-based organic material and the company's own algorithm to improve luminance.

All OLED panels it ships will come with the technology from the second quarter, LG Display added.  

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