SK Telecom develops quantum key switching tech

Completion of these technologies will allow quantum keys to be applied to commercial networks.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer
(Image: SK Telecom)

SK Telecom has completed development of a new technology that allows quantum password keys to be switched and routed to different networks, the company announced.

They will allow networks to transfer a quantum password key to another network when the network being used is down. It will also allow routing of the transfer when connected to multiple networks.

The completion of these technologies will allow quantum keys to be applied to commercial networks, the telco said. SK Telecom has been testing the security technology on its trial network that is 362 kilometres in length.  

Development of the quantum key switching tech was done in conjunction with Swiss quantum safe firm ID Quantique, which the telco bought a majority stake in February last year.

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SK Telecom is working to standardise quantum key application by being part of the ITU Telecommunication Standardisation Sector's SG13 and SG17 groups, which has been working on future networks and security, respectively.

The telco also said it has partnered with ID Quantique, Telefonica, BT, and Toshiba to create a global quantum key ecosystem.

SK Telecom applied its quantum safe system on a trial network of Deutsche Telekom in July last year and said it would begin commercially applying the technology sometime this year.

The global quantum cryptography communications market is expected to grow to $24.75 billion in 2025, according to Market Research Media.  


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