​SK Telecom launches 4.8Gbps Wi-Fi

SK Telecom has launched Wi-Fi based on the 802.11.ax standard that supports up to 4.8Gbps data transfer rate per access point.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

SK Telecom has launched a Wi-Fi offering that supports up to 4.8Gbps in data transfer speed, the company has announced.

The Wi-Fi product, dubbed T Wi-Fi AX, is based on the 802.11.ax standard and is almost four times faster than 802.11ac Wave 1, which was commercialised in 2013 and supports speeds of up to 1.3Gbps.

Currently, commercially available smartphones do not have an 802.11.ax chip, so it will be restricted to a speed increase of up to 1Gbps.

Flagship handsets are to be launched next year with better hardware, and eventually the 802.11.ax chip, which will then get the full speed boost, SK Telecom said.

The Wi-Fi product uses four antennas, has a spectrum bandwidth of 160MHz, and operates across the 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectrum bands.

SK Telecom has installed Wi-Fi in the Seoul metropolitan areas, and said it will widen deployment going forward. It also has OFDMA and multi-user multiple-input multiple-output (MU-MIMO) technology.

The mobile carrier developed the technology in October last year, and the access points have been approved by South Korean authorities.

The country is also planning to roll out 10Gbps internet connections within the year.

SK Telecom has additionally announced its preferred bidders for 5G, which includes Samsung, Ericsson, and Nokia but not Huawei.

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