ThinkGeek 50% off sale: 15 best toys, gadgets, and other tech deals

The very best ThinkGeek Moving Day deals.
Written by Elyse Betters Picaro, Managing Editor

ThinkGeek recently announced it will shut down its site on July 2 and move its business to parent company GameStop, though its 40 physical stores will remain open. To kick off the move, ThinkGeek is offering a 50% off site-wide sale -- as long as you apply the promo code MOVINGDAY at checkout.

ThinkGeek said all sales are final, so no returns will be accepted. If you'd like to read more of the fine print, see the retailer's new FAQ page, which also details what will happen to ThinkGeek gift cards after the move.

Anyway, we strongly suggest starting with ThinkGeek's bestsellers, as stock will run out fast. But there are plenty of deals on fun toys and gadgets you can get either to decorate your office, surprise a co-worker, or just to treat yo self. 

Best ThinkGeek deals


Astronaut boot slippers for $20

These comfy slipper boots are perfect for a day working from home. If only you could turn the gravity down a bit for that authentic moon feeling.


Game Boy heat change mug for $8

This mug looks like a turned off original Gameboy, but fill it up with a nice hot cup of coffee and it suddenly turns on showing a screen of Mario saving Daisy.


Nintendo Mario Calendar for $13

This Mario-themed desktop calendar would make a great piece of decor for your desk. It will help you keep track of the date and help you learn who in your office also likes to game.


Star Trek Captain Picard facepalm bust for $35

Know someone who is a Trekkie? Get them this meme-inspired facepalm bust of Captain Jean Luc Picard.


Star Trek phaser-controlled rock mood light for $40

This light is hand-painted to appear like an alien rock from the first season of Star Trek: The Original Series. It has two modes: Atmosphere, which lights up the rock in different colors; and Survival, which heats up the rock and may help you to survive a frigid office.

Oh, and it's all controlled by a phaser.


Batman Batarang 1:1 scale replica for $20

Show off your Batman fandom with a 1:1 replica of the Batarang. It even detaches from the base. But we recommend leaving it in your home office, for the safety of your co-workers. 


Planet Express ship for $27

Perfect for fans of the futuristic cartoon, this ship replica has LED lights in the cabin and can detach from the base for easy landing elsewhere in your office.


Star Wars Darth Vader helmet kettle $20

Ideal for tea aficionados who also happen to be Sith lords, these are themed after Darth Vader and even have lightsaber hilts for handles. Unfortunately, the lightsabers aren't real.


Apollo 11 Mission Film Reel lunch canister for $13

You might get some weird looks when you stroll into work with a canister labeled Apollo 11 film, but I'm sure that will pass once you pull a sandwich out of it.


Tiny Arcade Retro Games for $10

A great way to entertain clients waiting to be seen or to kill time on a Friday before vacation.


Minecraft Lava Lamp for $10

This light is designed to look like a block of lava from Minecraft. It even flickers like a fire, which is a fun way to get that campfire feeling at your desk.


Zombie head cookie jar for $8

Want to offer snacks in the office? Here's the perfect way, if you love zombie movies like us.


Star Wars Chewbacca with Porg Back Buddy for $27

If you are constantly having trouble carrying all your stuff into work, and yearn to have Chewbacca strapped to your back, boy, do we have the backpack for you.


Game of Thrones House Stark ceramic stein for $35

If your dog (aka direwolf) is constantly trying to get a lick of whatever your drinking, this Game of Thrones beer stein is sure to stop them. It's perfect for whatever you want to drink.


Star Wars R2-D2 spa set for $24

The best way to relax on a day off is at the spa. The one thing that could make it better is this R2-D2-themed spa kit. It includes a robe, slippers, satin eye mask, toe separators, and a bag.

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