Top ways to get noticed across overwhelming social feeds

Brands that invest in strategies and technologies to resonate with new consumer expectations have reaped the rewards. So, what are the top tips for your business to get noticed?
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

Companies can effectively compete with Amazon in certain areas, especially when it comes to shopper demands for better personalization, exclusive mobile offerings and quality in-store experiences according to a recent study.

Yes Lifecycle Marketing surveyed 1,000 consumers in June of 2018  to discover what motivates consumers to engage with, and become loyal to a brand. These trends will help retailers gain a competitive edge and attract new customers 

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Half of consumers (47 percent) rank email as their preferred channel for communicating with retailers -- it is by far the dominant channel.

According to the study, over four in 10 consumers (42 percent) say they don't unsubscribe from emails they don't read, but instead, scan subject lines to determine if they'll open.

Short subject lines between 1 and 20 characters generate a 31 percent higher-than-average open rate. Easier to read on mobile devices, short messages are not cut off on small screens.

Including a special offer such as a discount, free shipping, or a buy one get one free offer in the subject line drives higher open and conversion rates

Top ways to get noticed  across overwhelming social feeds

Emails with personalized subject lines generate 50 percent higher open rates, 58 percent higher click-to-open rates (CTO), and almost 2.5 times the unique click rates of those without personalization in the subject line.


According to the survey, consumers want to see social posts that show personality, provide entertainment, or comment on current events.

Although discounts are the top reason consumers follow and engage with brands on social media, social media users engage with retailers for a number of reasons:

Almost two out of three (63 percent) follow retailers on social to learn about sales.

Almost one in three (31 percent) of consumers engage with retailers that share funny or interesting social posts

One in three (35 percent) will engage with a retailer's post if they agree with it personally.

Top ways to get noticed  across overwhelming social feeds

Social media users are more likely to engage with a retailer on social media to share positive feedback (29 percent) than negative feedback (20 percent).

Mobile commerce

Improving the mobile experience is one way brands can drive more revenue and loyalty -- and gain a competitive edge

A third of consumers prefer to make purchases on smartphones over both tablet and desktop, and half of those who have retailer mobile apps use them to make purchases.

Still, almost half (49 percent) of those who prefer desktop say it's faster to make purchases, and 49 percent say it's easier to comparison shop. The mobile experience is still not as seamless as desktop, and brands are losing customers because of it.

Consumers say that they prefer desktop because it is faster than mobile. If subscribers can easily log in and save their information and profiles.

Their billing and shipping information populates when they check out. This cuts down the time it takes to complete a purchase on mobile devices.

Retail apps

They want to find and redeem coupons and sale items, read reviews, or simply search for a map of the store all without looking up from their mobile devices.

Over half (57 percent) of consumers have used a retailer's mobile app while in a store. Almost two-thirds (65 percent) of those who use apps in stores do so to redeem coupons.

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Almost three out of five (57 percent) of those who use apps in stores do so to find coupons and 46 percent of those who use apps in stores do so to find items that are on sale.

Consumers trust peer reviews, and will rely on testimonials when on the fence about a purchase. Offering an in-app feature that allows users to scan items while in stores and read reviews, or feature a "top product reviews" page will persuade them to buy.

Although Amazon offers wide product selection, fast shipping and low prices, creative digital strategies, and engaging in-store tactics can satisfy your customers.

Social media cannot be trusted without these features

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