Windows 10 2004 rollout: We're slowly throttling up availability, says Microsoft

Still haven't been offered Windows 10 version 2004? It might be coming soon to your PC.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

For the first time since releasing Windows 10 version 2004 to the general public on May 27, Microsoft says it is increasing the number of Windows 10 PCs it is automatically offering version 2004 to via Windows Update. 

The Windows 10 version 2004 has been remarkably slow, but things could change soon. Following Patch Tuesday yesterday, Microsoft announced on the Windows release health dashboard that it will dial up automatic feature updates.

It should mean fewer owners of common Windows 10 PC brands such as Dell, Lenovo and HP as well as Microsoft's Surface devices will see the message that their machines are not ready for the Windows 10 2004 update. 

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"Today we are increasing the number of devices that will be offered the May Update," said Microsoft.  

Windows 10 2004 is available for PCs running Windows 10 version 1903 and 1909, but most users still need to manually seek it by clicking 'Check for updates' in Windows Update.

Microsoft released a patch yesterday for an Always On, Always Connected issue that prompted it to block the Windows 10 2004 update for several of its own Surface devices

However ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley notes that even after installing the update some Surface users might not be able to receive the feature update immediately. 

Despite the Always On, Always Connected issue being marked as 'mitigated', Microsoft notes that it is still applying a compatibility hold on Windows devices with affected drivers or firmware from being offered Windows 10 version 2004.   

The question is still to what degree Microsoft will ramp up the Windows 10 2004 rollout. Microsoft's Windows Update team says the feature update is only gradually rolling out via Windows Update. 

"You may not see the update because we are slowly throttling up availability, or your device may have a compatibility hold to safeguard your update experience," the Windows Update team said on Twitter yesterday.   

Microsoft still has about a dozen Windows 10 2004 compatibility holds on devices due to incompatibility issues with Nvidia and Intel drivers as well as Realtek adapters. 

Lenovo has also cataloged several issues, including BSODs affecting ThinkPad devices when upgrading to Windows 10 2004. 

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Dell says Windows 10 2004 has been tested against all its desktop and laptop brands, including Alienware, Inspiron, XPS, Vostro, Latitude, and Optiplex.

The Windows 10 2004 rollout continues Microsoft's slower, more cautious approach to feature releases ever since the data-loss debacle in Windows 10 version 1809. Back when Windows 10 version 1803 was released, Microsoft boasted that it was the fastest-ever rollout of Windows 10 and declared it ready for business.

But the company still hasn't explained why Windows 10 2004 ran into problems even with its own Surface devices after conducting an extra six months of testing via the Windows Insiders program before releasing the update to the general public.

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