Wyze adds subscription service for Complete Motion Capture service

For less than $2 a month, Wyze will store full-length video clips in the cloud.
Written by Jason Cipriani, Contributing Writer

Wyze on Tuesday announced the company's first monthly subscription for its security cameras. Complete Motion Capture will record and store on the cloud a video clip from the duration of a motion event, instead of storing a 12-second clip every five minutes as is it currently does. 

The service is a monthly fee of $1.49 per camera, with the full-length motion clips stored by Wyze for 14 days. Pair the $1.49 subscription with the $20 Wyze Cam, and you have a really inexpensive home security camera to monitor your home. 


Even if you paired it with the $30 Wyze Cam Pan, you're still saving a lot of money when compared to similar offerings from Nest or Ring. 

Wyze will still upload shorter and less frequent video clips for free. For someone who wants to have a backup of motion events (instead of relying on a microSD card), the monthly subscription makes a lot of sense. 

Users can sign up for the new subscription plan in the Wyze app, or by visiting the Wyze website.

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