YouTube Music rolls out real-time lyrics on Android and iOS to more users

Both Apple Music and Spotify already have similar features, so it's nice to see YouTube Music keep pace with its competition.
Written by Artie Beaty, Contributing Writer
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After its first appearance earlier this year, YouTube Music is finally rolling out real-time lyrics for both Android and iOS devices on a larger scale. 

The feature was announced in April when it began showing up for some users. However, it remained fairly limited until recently, when more users began seeing it.

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At present, the music streaming app offers static lyrics that most users can pull up, but the updated version provides lyrics that move in time with the lyrics being sung. The live version of the lyrics is also significantly larger and easier to read. As the lyrics scroll, the current line is highlighted.

To use the feature, users just need to click the "Lyrics" button at the bottom middle of the screen while a song is playing. The song's lyrics will take up the whole screen and automatically scroll along. Tapping on a particular lyric jumps the song to that point, where the song will continue playing.

Lyrics on YouTube
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Both Apple Music and Spotify already have similar features and have for some time, so it's nice to see YouTube Music keep pace with its competition.

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While this recent rollout is much larger than the one earlier this year, some users still don't have access. So if you don't have it right now, you should soon. When I tested out the feature myself, it was available on my YouTube Music app. 

But while it was there for most songs, it wasn't available for everything -- even songs from the same artist and the same album. Live lyrics are also only available when a song is being played on the device, at least for now. When I connected my phone to my Echo, the lyrics option went away.

The feature is eventually expected to be available to all users and for all songs.   

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