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Best tech products of 2021: ZDNet's most recommended gadgets

Chip shortage woes and supply chain lows didn't stop these brilliant tech products from making a splash in 2021.
Written by Kerry Wan, Senior Reviews Editor

We are just weeks away from closing out the year and if 2021 has taught us anything, it's that obstacles and challenges exist for us to overcome. In a year plagued by chip shortages and supply chain attacks, we saw companies -- small and large -- adapt their business models and forge new paths to satisfy the demand of consumers worldwide. And in doing so, ZDNet has been at the forefront to cover, review, and make recommendations on tech products in numerous categories.

From the Google Pixel's return to premium, to Apple's M1 supremacy, the ZDNet team of subject-matter experts and industry veterans have spent the past year dissecting all that the tech space had to offer. And while hundreds of gadgets earned outstanding ratings and the hearts of many, only the best of the best clinched a spot in our year-end gala. Each selection has proven to bring an improved quality of life, endured the test of time, and worthy of your hard-earned money. And now, presenting to you, our readers, ZDNet's pantheon of the best tech products reviewed in 2021.

Best phones, smartwatches, earbuds

These mobile gadgets not only improved on the shortcomings of its predecessors but added fuel to the fire of competition.

Laptops, tablets, and more

Chips aside, there was no shortage this year of some of the best laptops and tablets that we've ever tested.  

Useful tech that we can't stop thinking about

These gadgets made a memorable first impression and continues to impress.

Did your pick for best tech product of 2021 make it onto the list? Comment down below and let us know. If you haven't already, also check out ZDNet's most innovative tech reviewed in 2021. 

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