Chris Clay Clay

I have been a systems administrator of both Windows and Linux systems for over 17 years, in educational institutions, enterprises, and consumer environments. Throughout the years running Linux and Windows side by side, I have seen Linux countless times surpass Windows in performance, reliability, cost savings, and more recently user experience. The power of Linux and open source software is one that cannot be ignored by businesses or individuals, and has been making waves in the world of proprietary software and Microsoft. From multiple frustrations of using Microsoft products and seeing open source products excel over them, I have drawn an interest in writing more about my adventures in both, and doing research about the two with their vast differences. Today I administer and consult for both Linux and Windows, but prefer Linux on systems that I personally use. I run Linux on the desktop and have migrated family and friends as well from Windows to Linux with astounding results. The blog documents my observations along the way.

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