CES 2019: Weird and wonderful tech, gadgets

Here are some of the more unusual, novel, and sometimes bizarre products being showcased at CES 2019.
By Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer
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Kohler Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet

When I first visited Japan, the sheer array of buttons, nozzles, and the need for an instruction manual to operate a standard toilet was enough to boggle the mind. Kohler, however, hopes to go a step further with the introduction of the Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet.

The smart toilet is described as a home product which offers water efficiency, "cleansing" and dryer functions, and to make things -- shall we say, more 'personal; -- the toilet can also be set up to produce ambient lighting and to play music.  

To make things even more interesting, you can have a chat with the Amazon Alexa voice assistant while you use the product.

Via: Kohler 


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Hepburn Alexa

If current versions of Amazon's Alexa smart speaker look too modern, VQ has shown off the 'Hepburn Alexa' at CES this year and it is a gadget which may pique your interest. 

Less Pringles can and more retro radio, the device is a speaker with full Alexa integration, performing all of the tasks you would expect -- as well as the option to use either mains or batteries.

Via: VQ


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Congestion and blocked sinuses can not only be a serious inconvenience but also painful. Sprays, tissues, and flushes are generally looked to as a means to clear blockages, but Tivic Health believes that the answer lies in electrical pulses.

The company introduced ClearUP at CES, claiming the device is "the first bioelectronic treatment for sinus pain." 

The handheld $149 product targets area of skin and stimulates the nerves through electric to relieve painful blockages. 

Via: Tivic Health


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Trident is a smart water scooter which made its debut at CES 2019. A tiny, 7.7lbs 'transport' of sorts, Geneinno's $699 Trident is able to operate for 45 minutes at a range of up to 40 meters -- and also comes with a child safety lock. 

Via: Geneinno


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LG Styler

LG is well-known for the creation of smart home appliances, and taking things a step further at CES 2019, the company launched the Styler Black Tinted Mirror Glass Door.

The Styler is a clothing hanger which uses LG TrueSteam to eliminate bacteria on clothing. If that's not enough, users can also use the hanger for automatic drying and to shake-out wrinkles.  

Via: LG

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Cat DNA testing

Many of us enjoy the company of our feline companions and a somewhat unusual offering on the cards this year at CES is a genetic test designed specifically for our cats.

Basepaws' test can be used by owners to check out their furry friends' genetics, which could potentially be useful for nutritional choices, learning more about a breed, or becoming aware of markers for disease risk.

Via: Basepaws 

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simplehuman sensor can

We can now use voice-based assistants to control our lighting, security, and cooking, so why not our trash?

At CES 2019, simplehuman introduced the sensor can, a trash disposal unit which has an embedded Vesper sensor and microphone for voice-based control. 

Due to launch in February, the can responds to vocal commands to open and close. 

Via: simplehuman

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PurrSong's LavvieBot is the company's answer to modern, minimalist toilets for your pet. 

The creators of the smart litter tray say that due to the product's automatic cleaning rakes which can be set to clear the tray at timed intervals, the bottom, lined tray only needs to be emptied every two to three weeks without impacting general hygiene levels.

Via: PurrSong

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If the traditional way of brushing your teeth seems like too much effort, Y-Brush has you covered. Apply toothpaste to the device, pop it into your mouth, and switch it on. Brushes embedded inside vibrate while you chew, cleaning your teeth in 10 seconds.

The Y-Brush can be preordered for €109 ($124) with shipping due to begin in April.

Via: Y-Brush

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Heatworks Duo Smart Untethered Carafe

The Heatworks Duo Smart Untethered Carafe is an interesting gadget which according to the company allows users to set the perfect temperature for hot water -- and as cold water flows in, the device immediately begins heating the liquid up by way of "ohmic array technology." 

Read on: CNET

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On show at CES 2019, Hyundai's Elevate is a concept vehicle which, in prototype form, has four legs rather than your typical four-wheel design. According to the automaker, this kind of vehicle -- assisted with smart driving technologies -- could be used in difficult and treacherous terrains. 

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My Skin Track pH

At CES 2019, L'Oréal introduced a prototype version of My Skin Track pH, a wearable, flexible sensor which connects to an accompanying app to show users their skin's pH levels by measuring tiny amounts of sweat. 

Co-developed with La Roche-Posay, the wearable's goal is to give consumers a clear idea of their skin condition and what products might be suitable to use based on acidity and condition. 

L'Oréal plans to introduce the wearable over the course of this year. 

Via: L'Oréal

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Cyberfishing Smart Rod Sensor

One for fishing enthusiasts over the CES event is Cyberfishing's Smart Rod Sensor, an accessory for your current fishing gear & tackle which makes your equipment smarter. 

The $89 sensor attaches with two basic rubber bands and records your fishing activity, while an accompanying app makes a note of cast locations and catches.

Together, it is hoped that having such information at your fingertips will improve the success of future fishing trips.

Via: Cyberfishing

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The HiSkin, showed off at CES 2019, is a handheld scanner which the company says uses "electronic and diffusion photon engineering" to analyze skin hydration and melanin levels on the forehead, eyes, upper cheek, lower cheek, and neck. The overall aim? Apparently, the HiMirror accessory records skin changes and offers suggestions on how to keep it in the best condition possible. 

Via: HiMirror

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Perhaps in an attempt to fill the gap left by the demise of Skully, a new startup has been pushing for funding in order to produce Jarvish, a smart motorcycle helmet.

Jarvish has a digital display, 360-degree rear and front cameras, and is compatible with Amazon's Alexa voice assistant.

At CES 2019, Jarvish announced a partnership with HERE Technologies, a company which provides location and mapping technologies to businesses. 

Via: Jarvish

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An interesting product on display this year at CES is Exosystem's exoRehab, a treatment program which is attempting to take the tedium, boredom, and repetitiveness out of rehabilitation programs. 

The firm says that gamification, made possible through smart programming, wearables, and sensors, is key. 

Via: Exosystems

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Walnutt's Spectre X

The Spectre X, designed by Walnutt, is what the company calls a "shareable electric skateboard" which debuted at CES 2019. The e-skateboard includes posture control and correction features and uses mobile technology to connect people in a bid to create an "e-skater ecosystem." 

Via: Walnutt


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