The big stories on ZDNet this week: August 30, 2013

We take a look back at some of the major stories that broke August 26-30 — including Steve Ballmer's retirement aftermath, VMworld, the Twitter 'hack,' software patents, and more.
By Zack Whittaker, Contributor
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Who will replace Steve Ballmer when he leaves Microsoft?

Microsoft's new CEO will be like an NFL coach taking over a 10-6 team, says ZDNet's Larry Dignan. You either win a championship or you fail. Simply put, Microsoft isn't screwed up enough to make the new chief look like a hero. 

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Feds point the finger at Android security threats

Amid ongoing U.S. government mass surveillance claims, Homeland Security and the FBI are more aware than ever of its use of the Android platform, and the vulnerabilities that go with it.

Read more: Millions of Android users vulnerable to security threats, say feds

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ZDNet at VMworld 2013: Long live the data center?

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Facebook releases U.S. government data request figures

The U.S. government makes 12,000 data requests to Facebook during the first half of 2013 alone. Some of the other nations that stood out on the list with data requests in the thousands included France, Italy, India, Germany, and the U.K.

Read more: Facebook: U.S. gov't made close to 12,000 data requests during first half of 2013

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Debate: Is there a real market in wearable tech?

If you thought Google Glass was the "future" of wearable tech, think again. From e-tattoos to 3D printed clothes, ZDNet explores what we could be wearing in the very near future.

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Twitter, New York Times suffer 'malicious external attack'

According to the New York-based newspaper, the outage was the result of a "malicious external attack." Twitter also experienced significant problems, with multiple reports still making it through to the front of the microblogging site saying that the Syrian Electronic Army has taken control of the social network.

Read more: Latest New York Times outage due to 'malicious external attack'

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Screenshot: New York Times/ZDNet

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New Zealand bans software patents

New Zealand has finally passed a new Patents Bill this week that will effectively outlaw software patents after five years of debate, delay, and intense lobbying from multinational software vendors. The Patents Bill was first drafted in 2008. In 2010, the New Zealand Commerce Select Committee recommended a total ban on software patents. 

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Image via U.S. Patents and Trademark Office

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Apple buys codec and compression algorithm maker AlgoTrim

The Sweden-based company develops compression algorithms for imaging, video and firmware that help optimise memory handling, execution performance, and ultimately extend battery life on mobile devices. But what does Apple want it for?

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Microsoft v. Google over YouTube on Windows Phone

The Google/Microsoft YouTube dispute tells you more about the way software for the mobile Internet is being developed than you might have thought. ZDNet's Simon Bisson explains the Silicon Valley squabble.

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France probes Internet firms for alleged PRISM involvement

France has launched a probe into whether Internet companies violated domestic privacy laws by participating in PRISM, following complaints filed with the Paris prosecutor's office earlier that month filed by two human rights groups.

Read more: France investigates role of internet companies in PRISM

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Image via DeviantArt

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U.K. networks begin 4G network switch-on

Londoners can now take their pick of three LTE networks from today, with all 4G operators, now including Vodafone and O2, pledging to extend coverage in the near future. 

Read more: Vodafone and O2 switch on UK 4G networks

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Image via Twitter

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New NSA leaks reveal U.S. intelligence "black budget"

The NSA is just one cog out of a much larger intelligence machine, according to new documents, which outline and detail what the U.S. government spends out of the taxpayer's pocket on data collection and domestic and foreign surveillance efforts.

Read more: New leaked documents detail secret U.S. intelligence 'black budget' figures

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Image via Washington Post

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Windows XP 'custom' security patches: It's not a panacea

Who is still running Windows XP and why? If you're not a large customer with a Premier Support contract, don't count on custom security patches after April 2014., says ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley. 

Read more: Microsoft's 'custom' Windows XP patches: Not a panacea

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After WIMM Labs acquisition, Google smartwatch on deck?

"The wearables war is officially on," writes ZDNet's Rachel King. With the explorer version of Google Glass well out the door, the Internet giant hinted through its recent WIMM Labs acquisition that it is moving on to a smartwatch.

Read more: Google smartwatch expected following WIMM Labs acquisition

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Apple launches iPhone trade-in program

Apple wakes up, yawns, and remembers it has an iPhone on deck in the next few weeks, amid the anticipation and buzz for a new iPhone generation is reaching a boiling point. According to reports, the trade-in program is all set to launch on August 30.

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