EMeet OfficeCore M2 conference speaker review: Conference call capability from any device

eMeet officecore m2 speaker eileen brown zdnet
  • Editors' rating
    7.8 Very good


  • Small and compact
  • Good sound output
  • Locking port


  • Compact size makes this easy to steal

The eMeet OfficeCore M2 wireless speaker is the handiest conference speaker I have ever tried. It turns any voice call into a proper conference call so that everyone in the room can hear what is happening on the call. No more huddling round the laptop or a mobile device listening to its tinny output.

At only 4.9 inches diameter and 1.4 inches tall, this impressive speaker can easily fit in your bag – or in a large pocket. It weighs 10.6 ounces. (There is a locking port to prevent the pocket-sized speaker from going walkabout unexpectedly.) 

The OfficeCore M2 has a soft neoprene cover to protect its aluminium body. Four microphones pick up sound from most small meeting rooms and can manage calls with up to 10 people in the room.

The speaker delivers 3W at up to 85db – more than enough for a small to medium conference room. Its 2,500mAh battery can cope with voice calls over an entire business day without recharging. The user guide claims the battery will last for 12 hours talk time - but I did not test it for that long. Charging takes about 3.5 hours.

Hands on with the eMeet OfficeCore M2 conference speaker: conference call capability from any device zdnet

Eileen Brown

To check the battery, quickly press the power switch and a green ring will appear around the speaker.The lit area shows a percentage of full charge. In the picture the battery shows about 80% charge - the dark area is at the top of the image.

The blue ring gives a visual indicator of the volume level.

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You can connect the eMeet M2 speaker to your PC – either by the USB cable supplied – or by Bluetooth. There is a USB dongle in the box to automatically pair the speaker with the PC. There is also an AUX analog audio cable to  connect to an external speaker or with your mobile device.

The display on the top of the speaker has icons for power volume, device input selection (if there is more than one input detected), digital sound assistants such as Siri, Cortana and Google Now, and call answering.

The eMeet speaker has been optimised for use with conference applications such as WebEx, Zoom, Skype, or GoTo Meeting.

You can also use this speaker as an ordinary speaker for playing music – although the bass is not good, and it sounds a little tinny at high volume levels.

I really like this wireless conference speaker. It is small enough to go in a bag or pocket, loud enough to be heard in medium-size conference rooms, and comes with a selection of connection options.

At under $200 (or less with this coupon code: R6BJ97PK) this versatile eMeet OfficeCore M2 conference speaker is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses. It is so handy, make sure you lock it down to stop it disappearing from your conference room.