Zendure SuperHub hands-on: Compact charging hub with dual power delivery

Hands on with the Zendure SuperHub Compact charging hub with dual power delivery zdnet
  • Editors' rating
    7.1 Very good


  • Compact and light
  • Three power delivery ports
  • Fast charging


  • No user guide supplied

I like the idea of a multi-purpose hybrid power adapter hub that not only has multiple ports but will charge your tech hardware and transfer data too. The Zendure SuperHub is a compact, credit card-sized hub that has multiple ports out and one AC connector in.

At only 3.3-inches long, 2.3-inches wide, and 1.2-inches deep it is certainly compact. It is light, too, weighing in at 4.7 ounces without its power cable attached.

In the box, there is the unit, a USB-C cable, and a power cable. If you want to plug the SuperHub directly into the wall, there is an optional regional power adapter kit, which comes with the NS version of the hub.

There is also supposed to be a sticker, warranty card, and a user guide. However, these were not included in the early version of the SuperHub that I received. You can also buy the regional power adapter kit for $9.90.

There are two USB type C ports. One delivers 30W power and acts as a 5Gbps data transfer port. The other delivers power at 18W. There is a USB-type A power output port and 5Gbps data transfer port, and an HDMI adaptor delivering 4K@60Hz.

This range of ports will power all your Apple or Android devices, AirPods, Apple Watch, cameras, phones, projectors, TV screens, and external displays. The SuperHub does seem to be able to fill all of your charging requirements. You can even transfer data without plugging the hub into a power supply.

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You can fast charge your iPad or MacBook and also charge your iPhone in 30 minutes and fully charge both within two hours.

The SuperHub also lets you connect USB-C devices to your TV or larger display to get up to 4K resolution at 60Hz. The optional 'NS' version of the Hub also supports Nintendo Switch for HDMI display.

The company manages to keep the unit small by using GaN (Gallium nitride) technology in this power supply and HDMI converter. It intends to replace the power brick on your device when you travel.

Its Kickstarter campaign launched this week and already has almost trebled its initial funding goal. Zendure's goal is to help people who use electronics on the go keep the devices charged anytime.

It is available at $49 for the SuperHub that will only charge the Nintendo Switch but has no output to the Switch, or $69 for the full Nintendo Switch HDMI display option.

If your phone supports DeX/PC mode (device multitasking to PC -- on newer Samsung devices) you can connect your phone to an external display and keyboard.

The SuperHub certainly charges multiple devices quickly, through its supplied USB-C cable, and the HDMI output is very good. My Samsung phone connected to the external display and worked well. I was impressed.

All in all, if you are tired of lugging multiple power supplies around with you and are out and about a lot, the Zendure SuperHub might be the only power hub you could need.

Its super-fast charging capabilities will suit the most impatient tech user, and its compact size means you will notice that your bag is lighter when you are out on the road. The SuperHub is certainly worth a look.