Adobe's Express content creation app is now generally available on mobile, for free

The mobile version of the Firefly-powered design tool is out of beta after just six weeks.
Written by Radhika Rajkumar, Editor
A promotional image from Adobe's Express App launch campaign.

Social network use is driving a growing demand for TikToks, Reels, and other short-form content, both from brands and individual creators. To help feed the beast, Adobe released Adobe Express, the company's generative AI creative tool powered by Firefly, on the web in August 2023. Like Canva and Microsoft Designer, Express for desktop lets you design everything from flyers and resumes to video and brand kits, all in one place, for free.

On Thursday, Adobe announced that the Adobe Express mobile app, released in beta last month to a handful of people who signed up, is also now generally available for free use. Designed for speed and easier collaboration across web and mobile, the Express app lets users access Adobe's expanded library of editable templates, animations, nearly 30,000 fonts, Stock videos, music, and other design assets.

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"We're excited to see a record number of customers turning to Adobe Express to promote their ideas, passions and businesses through digital content and on TikTok, Instagram, X, Facebook and other social platforms," Govind Balakrishnan, SVP of Adobe Express and Digital Media Services, said in a statement.

According to the press release, the Express app uses the latest Firefly-powered features like Generative Fill and Text to Image, so users can "insert, remove and replace people or objects and make attention-grabbing headlines that pop -- all from a simple text prompt."  

Features like Quick Actions are meant to boost editing skills in areas such as video trimming or generating a QR code on the fly. Other features, like Animate from Audio, which lets you create avatars from audio clips and video captioning, are designed to automate normally complex actions. 

Adobe's announcement frames the Express app as accessible for all skill levels. "The new Adobe Express mobile app brings the power and precision of Adobe's industry-leading photo, design, video and generative AI capabilities into an all-in-one content editor, giving everyone the ability to produce the highest quality content on web and mobile," the company said in its release. 

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Designers can create logos and business cards, edit photos, and schedule content for social channels, all from within the app. Adobe added that people working in heavier-duty programs, such as Illustrator or Photoshop, can import their assets to the Express app and turn them into social posts. According to the release, other perks include "instantly replacing backgrounds with campaign imagery and seamlessly sharing work with their teams for review and feedback."

A burger pictured with wings, being created in the Adobe Express App.

An example of Express' Firefly-powered Text to Image AI tool.


The Adobe Express app is now available for free worldwide "in many languages and on most Android and iOS devices," according to the release. New users can sign up for an Express account here.

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