Anker recalls three products for fire risk. What to know and how to get a refund

If you have these speakers or this power bank, Anker says you should stop using them immediately.
Written by Artie Beaty, Contributing Writer

If you own an Anker battery pack or a Soundcore speaker, pay attention. The company is recalling three products due to a fire risk. Because of manufacturing defects, the products could possibly overheat and catch fire.

Anker said customers should stop using the products immediately.

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The affected power bank, Anker said in a press release, is the model A1112 321. You can tell if your device is a part of the recall by looking at the bottom for "Anker 321 power bank (PowerCore 5K), Model: A1112."

Anker explained that the problem was limited to a small number of batteries in a batch produced after March 2023, but that it was recalling every product in that line out of an abundance of caution.

A similar recall happened in 2023 for Anker's 535 Power Bank. No fires have been reported as a result of the newest defect, but the device recalled in 2023 was directly blamed for a Maryland house fire.

The affected Soundcore speakers (Soundcore is Anker's audio division) include the A3302 AnkerWork PowerConf S3 speakerphone and the A3102 Soundcore Bluetooth speaker. 

Here's what to do if you have any of these devices:

  • Immediately stop using this product and store it device in a safe location.
  • Click here to verify your serial number for the battery pack and here to verify your serial number for the speakers. If there's a match, fill out your product recall information.
  • Do not throw the power bank or speakers into the trash or recycling bin (e-waste is a huge issue that's only getting bigger). Dispose of them at a facility that accepts lithium batteries.

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Users who own a recalled power bank will receive a full refund. Users of the recalled speakers will receive the option for a replacement or a full refund.

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