Apple reportedly working on smart display, new AirPods Pro features

Bloomberg's Apple analyst lists all the new features and hardware the tech giant is reportedly working on.
Written by Jada Jones, Associate Editor
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Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman predicts in his Power On newsletter that Apple will develop an independent display and bring new features to future AirPods.

Gurman says the monitor will double as a smart home display when the screen is not in use. The new display could use a custom Apple silicon chip and operate similarly to the StandBy feature Apple announced at this year's WWDC.

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Gurman says Apple is working on a large screen that can be connected to a Mac to access more features, such as web surfing and applications. The display might also operate independently of a Mac to act as a smart display when in low-power mode, similar to an Amazon Echo Show

Gurman understands that Apple plans to integrate USB-C charging, interoperability with the Apple Vision Pro, and new health features into AirPods. Apple is reportedly working on using AirPods as a vessel for hearing tests to gauge how well a person can hear.

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Apple is also reportedly exploring the potential for including sensors in AirPods that can measure body temperature via the user's ear canal. However, Gurman says these health features are still months to years away from coming to fruition.

We can expect to see an AirPods Pro charging case compatible with USB-C charging much sooner, especially as Apple prepares this year's iPhone 15 to transition from Lightning to USB-C charging.

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Additionally, Gurman says AirPods will be a central audio component of the Apple Vision Pro, Apple's mixed-reality headset. He says AirPods will allow for private listening when using the Vision Pro and could provide a more immersive audio experience.

When iOS 17 becomes publicly available later this year, we'll see a list of new AirPods software updates, such as Adaptive Audio and Conversation Awareness.

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