Apple's Black Friday discounts leaked

Apple looks to be prepping a major Black Friday sale again this year - to the tune of 15-30% off - but don't get too excited, it's still a rumor.


Though it's still a full 10 days away, Boy Genius Report got tipped off about what may be a major retail sale in the offing from Apple.

According to the rumor, complete with flyer (pictured), Apple will be offering the following deals on the Friday after Thanksgiving:

  • up to 30% off on all iPods (except iPhone and iPod shuffle)
  • up to 25% off Macs
  • up to 15% off all accessories as well as Apple software and hardware.

The catch? The deals are only good on Friday, November 27. And that it's a rumor, of course.

Last year Apple offered a $101 discount on the unibody MacBook, a $51 discount on the white MacBook, $51 and $101 off the aluminum iMacs, plenty of iPod discounts ($11 off 8GB iPod nanos, $21 off iPod classics, and $21 off iPod touches) and a $21 discount on Apple TV and 500GB Time Capsule.

You couldn't catch me dead in a retail store on Black Friday, but hey, that's just me.