Apple's Black Friday sale to include online shopping

Apple's Black Friday sale is official and it includes online shopping. The rest of the details are a mystery and Apple hasn't confirmed the amount of the cuts.

Last Tuesday week I posted a rumored leak of Apple's Black Friday sale, which included the almost too-good-to-be-true 25% off Macs and 30% off iPods. Today Apple posted a Black Friday teaser on it's retail Web site but didn't reveal any specifics.

Apple's Web teaser (pictured above) promotes the "special one-day shopping event" but doesn't reveal which products are included (unless you read into collage) or how much it's discounting. Just the fact that it's Friday only (November 27) and includes free shipping.

The disclosure on shipping clears up a major question that was raised after the first leak as to whether Apple's sale was going to include online shopping or just in-store purchases. So that's something.

Release the prices already Apple! No one's going to buy any real hardware before Friday, or are they?

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