AWS wants to help automakers build smarter cars with IoT FleetWise

AWS IoT FleetWise offers US enterprises a new service that makes it easier for automotive companies to collect, transform, and transfer vehicle data to the cloud in near real time.
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Automotive industries have collected data from basic vehicle sensors for over a decade to optimize vehicle functions. As vehicles become smarter, they are made with more advanced sensors, which produce more data. Figuring out how to collect, transfer and store that data can pose a timely and costly challenge for the automobile industry, a challenge that AWS IoT FleetWise attempts to solve. 

Today, Amazon Web Services announced the general availability of AWS IoT FleetWise, a service that facilitates how automotive companies collect vehicle data and transfer the data from millions of vehicles to the cloud in real time using intelligent data-collection capabilities.

Ultimately, drivers should see the benefits from this kind of system in a variety of ways -- carmakers will be able to spot safety concerns and issue recalls more quickly. They should be able to provide consumers with smarter infotainment systms, as well as better autonomous driving and driver-assistance systems.

"Now, with AWS IoT FleetWise, customers can easily pinpoint the exact vehicle data they need and analyze it in a standardized format to gain actionable insights into the vehicle's health status and performance," said Mike Tzamaloukas, general manager of IoT automotive at AWS. "Automotive companies can now use the data extracted through AWS IoT FleetWise to help improve vehicle quality, safety, and autonomy."

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Automakers, suppliers, fleet operators, and technology vendors in the automotive industry can all benefit from AWS IoT FleetWise, which collects, organizes and stores vehicle data in a standardized way for data analysis in the cloud, without needing to develop their custom data-collection systems. 

The standardized storing structure allows for developers to reduce the amount of data transferred to the cloud by defining rules for when to collect and transfer it based on configurable parameters, allowing for data transfer in near real time.

The automotive industry is a natural customer for AWS as it evolves. Cloud computing has become an integral part of countless products and services. But as the amount of data generated grows, companies such as carmakers are looking to AWS and other cloud providers to help them better manage information and make better use of it.

Major vehicle manufacturers have already incorporated AWS IoT FleetWise into their businesses, including Hyundai Motor Group (HMG), LG CNS, and Renesas Electronics Corporation. 

"As a leading global vehicle manufacturer, we have come to appreciate the breadth and depth of AWS services to help create new connected vehicle capabilities," said HaeYoung Kwon, vice president and head of the infotainment development group at HMG. 

There are no upfront costs for use of AWS IoT Fleetwise, and customers pay only for the underlying services used. Getting started is as easy as visiting the AWS IoT Fleetwise landing page. The service with standard vehicle data collection is generally available today in US East and Europe, with more availability coming soon.

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