CEO Interview: Jan Baan

Jan Baan, a founder of ERP vendor Baan Software, was back stateside recently to attend the Sapience 2009 show. Listen to short interview with Jan as he describes why ERP is less relevant than business process based solutions - especially those built on the cloud.
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An ERP veteran has a new view on what ERP and business should be today

I’ve known Jan Baan for some time although I haven’t had a chance to sit down and chat with him for too long. Jan was a founder of Baan Software, the long running ERP vendor from the Netherlands. He also was involved with Top Tier and WebEx. Now, Jan is behind Cordys (www.cordys.com), a cloud-based BPM solution that he’s put €250 million of his own money into this solution.

Jan Baan - CEO Cordys.com

Jan Baan - CEO Cordys.com

I caught up with Jan at the Sapience 2009 event this week in Boston. We spoke about six topics:

- What’s changed with the ERP market these days? Are these solutions less relevant today? - Why do we need a new BPM (business process management) solution like Cordys today? - Are businesses operating in a more volatile, dynamic environment and how will processes work in this world? - How critical are vertical solutions to the BPM space? - Which markets is Cordys targeting and what’s been the market uptake so far for Cordys? - What else should we know?

Rather than summarize our conversation in text format, I thought I'd try a new tape recorder technology of mine and upload the entire interview. I apologize for not editing it a bit but here is the straight through live interview.

Click on this audio file link to hear the interview. brian-sommer_jan-baan-2009_12_09

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