Chinese investors choose Denmark for new EU hub

A Chinese entrepreneurs alliance opens new European offices with Danish design.

Aigo Entrepreneurs Alliance, an alliance of leading private-sector Chinese companies, is opening new offices in Europe-- and Danish design caught their attention, according to a Xinhua Net report.

Feng Jun, the chairman of the consumer electronics firm Aigon Digital Technology, said that AEA is aiming to help Chinese companies bring their products to the global market, but that they need their partners to be highly educated to do so.

Feng said they were impressed by Denmark’s human resource skills and found their product design to be both simple and attractive. Chinese-made factory goods are reasonably priced and the quality is getting better,he said, but the design is still a headache.

AEA’s main goal is to corporate with innovative companies to create high-end products, and hopefully change the image of how “Made in China” is looked upon as poor quality.

Although Denmark pays higher wages and taxes than what they are used to, Feng told Xinhua Net that this will not be a problem. They want the Chines private sector to create jobs, pay taxes and hopefully create something of a higher value then what they are able to do alone.

AEA’s decision to make Denmark their new EU hub has been welcomed by the Danes, China Daily reports. Pia Olsen Dyhr, Denmark’s Minister for Trade and Investment, said in a statement that corporation with China is of great importance to the Danish government, and that their invcestmetns is a great way to create new jobs.

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