Details released on the LunaTik iPod nano watch

If you're clamoring for an iPod nano watch, Wilson has released more information about his Multi-Touch watch kits, including a preview of the laser etching and their packaging.

On November 18 I posted a piece about the new generation of accessories that turn the 6th-generation iPod nano into a wristwatch. Easily my favorite of the lot is the LunaTik ($50 pre-order, $70 at launch) from Scott Wilson via his Kickstarter project.

Wilson's project has been wildly successful with 6,346 backers and $462,873 pledged (his original goal was $15,000). The project will be funded in 16 days on December 16, 2010.

If you're clamoring for an iPod nano watch, Wilson has released more information about his Multi-Touch watch kits, including a preview of the laser etching on the backs of the Limited Edition red LunaTiks. There isn't much space on the product so Wilson elected to put the etching under the nano clip.

... and a preview of the packaging:

Wilson has also posted some frequently asked questions. Here's a selection:

Q: Are the two products manufactured in USA? A: Both products were designed and engineered in the USA and are manufactured in Asia.

Q: Will other colors such as black be available for the LunaTik? A: For the initial manufacturing run the LunaTik will be available in silver and red. We will send you updates as the project continues and if any new colors become available.

Q: Will the anodized red fade/scratch off? A: The red LunaTik will be an anodized finish and have similar durability to the iPod Nanos.

Q: Will the design support other headphones other than Apple’s? A: It will support newer headphones with small diameter casings like Apple's which many manufacturers are using today.

Q: Will this ship in time for Christmas? A: The LunaTik is expected to beging shipping in early to mid January and we are expect to begin shipping the first TikToks in late December. We will send out updates as we get them.

Q: Does the the red anodized version match the exact color of the Apple (PRODUCT)RED™ iPod Nano? A: We are matching the red LunaTik as closely as possible to the red Nano.

Q: Does the LunaTik match the silver or graphite Nano? A: The standard LunaTik matches the silver Nano.

Q: What kind of odds am I looking at that 'late December' on the 5 TikToks is that going to be before Christmas? A: We cannot guarantee a Christmas delivery. We get funded on Dec. 16th and will need to pay the factory for the parts, have them shipped to the US for fulfillment. This will make it tough to turn around in under 10 days. Rest assured we will get them to you ASAP.

Q: In the sketches shown in the video, it appears that there was the idea for some sort of cover or plug for the data port/headphone jack. Is this something you guys are still pursuing? As someone who would be wearing this as a watch 99% of the time, and rarely using the headphone jack, I'm definitely attracted to the idea of sealing up those ports a bit. A: The 30 pin port and headphone jack will be exposed. We did this to make charging easy and accommodate the widest range of users with an accessible headphone jack.

All the nano needs is 3G, front-facing camera and FaceTime to become the Dick Tracy Wrist TV that we all dreamed of as kids. Turns out that it may not be as far off as some had thought.

Could this be the start of something big? Or simply another gimmicky trend that is bound to fizzle out?