East Anglia aftermath stretches to the far horizon

East Anglia hacking probe gets unsolicited advice even before it begins.
Written by Harry Fuller, Contributor on

There'll be some kind of official British investigation of the University of East Anglia hacking. No details yet about who will conduct said investigation in the U.K. There are plenty of suggestions about what needs to be elucidated and made public. Americans should note that all universities in the UK are run by the national government so this will be a national investigation. Many Americans' emails were included in the hacking and it is not clear if American authorities will be involved in this investigation. FBI perhaps?

Here's an opinionator on the East Anglia lies being spread by those who claim skepticism of global warming.

I've blogged about how global warming is becoming a political litmus test in the U.S. Now one observer says the same is true in the United Kingdom. If you are far right you deny global warming, apriori. If your politics are left-wing, presumably, you see global warming as threatening human existence. Data, data, who's got the data?

Right-wing observers are convinced the conspiracy will continue and global warming data will not be released. As far as I know there is no restriction on travel to the Alps, Greenland or northern Canada and Alaska where the effects of melting ice sheets can be seen first hand. Or the curious might check out Tuvalu where residents say the Pacific is getting more aggressive. Safer to stay home and argue over data points.

Here's nature.com's take on the East Anglia affair: no conspiracy but plenty of room for better public communication. One imaginative opinionator has aliens betting on the chances of human survival.

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