Equinix brings datacentre monitoring tool IBX SmartView to Australia

Equinix's datacentre monitoring tool IBX Smartview will be available in three Australian datacentres by the end of the year.
Written by Tas Bindi, Contributor

Equinix has announced the availability of its datacentre monitoring software for customers in its International Business Exchange (IBX) datacentres in Australia.

IBX SmartView, which allows businesses to monitor power, mechanical, and environmental conditions in real-time, is now available in Sydney's $97 million SY4 IBX datacentre, and will be available in Sydney's SY3 and Melbourne's ME1 IBX datacentres by the end of the year.

Using IBX Smartview, customers can view the status of generators, static switches, cooling systems, and air handling units, among others, to ensure high availability of services and faster application response times. The software additionally provides cage- and cabinet-specific trends.

"As the demand for interconnection grows in Australia due to the rising adoption of hybrid IT solutions, companies need greater agility and direct visibility into their colocated infrastructure," said Jeremy Deutsch, managing director at Equinix Australia.

"By providing them with real-time information on the operational status of their deployment, customers are able to respond to change quickly and benefit from peace of mind when it comes to security and disaster recovery."

The software can be accessed via the Equinix Customer Portal, through which customers can also make changes to their equipment and network configurations.

IBX SmartView has been available in Equinix datacentres in Chicago, Dallas, Silicon Valley, Washington DC, and Singapore.

In addition to Sydney and Melbourne, the company plans to introduce the software in Amsterdam, Atlanta, Hong Kong, London, Paris, New York, Seattle, Shanghai, Tokyo, Toronto, and Zurich throughout the year.

In May, Equinix closed the $3.6 billion purchase of 29 datacentres from Verizon, which enabled the company to acquire 600 net new customers and about 3 million square feet of datacentre space.

The deal included an agreement for Verizon to resell Equinix's colocation and interconnection services bundled with its own managed security, network, and communications services. The companies are looking to assist customers with managing hybrid and multi-cloud deployments.

Equinix CFO Keith Taylor said previously that the Verizon deal will add $480 million to $500 million in revenue in the first 12 months and will cost about $40 million for the company to integrate the assets.

Verizon announced in May that it would sell off the remainder of its cloud business to IBM for an undisclosed amount.

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