Exclusive deal: Save $100 on Swellpro's Spry waterproof drone with this code

Wellbots is offering ZDNet readers an exclusive discount on its top-selling drone.
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Waterproof drones are hard to come by, specially discounted ones. Luckily for you, Swellpro's waterproof drone is on sale at Wellbots -- but only for ZDNet readers who use an exclusive promo code at checkout.

The drone market has exploded in recent years, with everyone from hobbyists to professionals trying them. General-use ones are ideal for capturing scenic videos, while specialized drones can be leverage for work, rescue situations, and even for military purposes. There are so many drones available; you just need to decide why you need one and for what reason. If you require something that not only can fly but also float and be submerged in water, your choices are much more limited, however.

Fortunately, Wellbots -- an online store full of robots, smart home devices, cameras, and more -- has plenty of drones you can choose from, including the waterproof Swellpro Spry drone, its top-selling drone. The Spry packs a 4K waterproof camera and other useful features that allow it to autonomously follow you and return home. Even the remote control is waterproof, so you can get in the water with it! 


For a limited time, Wellbots is offering ZDNet readers a $100 discount on the Swellpro Spry, as long as you apply the promo code ZDNETSPRY at checkout. This waterproof drone can take 4K 30FPS video, 12MP stills, has 64GB of memory, supports Wi-Fi connectivity, and offers onboard stabilization, all of which make it useful for a variety of situations and applications.

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The Spry drone normally costs $987 at Wellbots (before any discount is applied). And that's already the cheapest price we could find online, so with the extra 10% off at Wellbots, you're saving about $100 and getting the absolute best deal available. Wellbots also offers Affirm financing to qualifying shoppers, so you can choose to pay it off over time.

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