Exclusive: Playstation 3 - AMD 2GHz CPU running Linux

Tokyo games show reveals that AMD and Sony have teamed up with Linux to kill off Microsoft's X-Box

(This is an April Fools news story)

Reports from the Tokyo Games Show, suggest that the Sony's next generation console (code name AP1 -- or PlayStation3) will be based on a 2GHz version of AMD's Athlon processor, running on a specially developed gamers version of Linux.

The open source community are hopping mad at Microsoft's attempt to muscle in on the games scene with the X-Box and have vowed to stop them -- offering their services free to Sony to develop the code for PS3. Working out of a secret unit near Tokyo, a team of Linux coders are believed to have already developed a working beta.

Linus Torvalds for the open source movement, and AMD's CEO, Jerry Sanders, chaired a developers meeting at the Tokyo Games Show, where some of the games businesses leading companies are believed to have expressed support for the open-source based PlayStation3.

Tomb Raider, the heroine of the Tomb Raiders games, is believed to be one of the first titles to appear on PlayStation3. An Eidos insider said: "You should see the graphics. That Linux code and 2GHz AMD chip can certainly produce some life like effects. Lara Croft looks just like a real person -- albeit one with a slightly exagerated curve."

Launch date has been provisionally announced for PlayStation3 -- believed to be some time close to the beginning of April next year, or the year after that, or possibly the year after that.

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