Get more than $80 off this discreetly portable biometric safe

Whether you have cash, credit cards, jewelry, medication or more that you are uncomfortable leaving out where anyone might have access to or even see them, a small biometric safe provides the ultimate security.



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If there are times when you feel your privacy or the safety of your possessions might be at risk, you can now enjoy the ultimate security of a portable biometric safe. The TROVA GO Discreet Biometric Storage + Sleeve Bundle will keep cash, credit cards, jewelry, medication, and more away from children or unauthorized adults.

The Trova Go connects wirelessly to your phone's iOS or Android app via Bluetooth. So your finger scanner will provide biometric authorization for the safe's magnetic closure to open only for paired and recognized users. The app will provide smart notifications to alert you if the safe is left open, has been disconnected, or is moving from where you left it.

Featured in Fast Company, the Trova Go is a portable solution for keeping your most valuable treasures away from prying eyes and hands. The safe is made of an aluminum alloy that gives it strength while allowing it to remain lightweight, so you integrate it seamlessly into your daily life. It also has a silicone over-mold that will conceal any orders if, for instance, you have any plant-based products stored inside.

The Trova Go has a strap inside the lid to secure things like watches or small gadgets such as the ones you might receive from the Gadget Discovery Club. It also comes with a sidecar box, which is a tiny container with two compartments that fits perfectly into the safe and is suitable for holding tiny items such as medication. A very nice leather sleeve is included, as well, performed to exactly match the shape of the safe without adding any bulk.

Don't pass up this chance to get a discreet personal storage device that no one can access but you, use coupon code GREEN20 to get the TROVA GO Discreet Biometric Storage + Sleeve Bundle today while it's on sale for $156.79, instead of the $239 MSRP.

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