Google for Education launches App Hub for K-12 Chromebook market

App Hub is designed to make it easier for educators to find apps to supplement lesson plans.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Google for Education is launching an App Hub for Chromebooks, a repository of trusted apps so K-12 educators can find activities and tools to supplement lesson plans.

The general idea is that App Hub will save teachers time as they look for apps and materials to supplement lesson plans. Google developed the App Hub in collaboration with educators.

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App Hub is designed to appeal to multiple audiences within the K-12 education market. For teachers, App Hub saves time. IT administrators can use App Hub as a way to curate apps that meet school district policies as they deploy and manage Chromebooks. And developers can use App Hub to better reach the ed-tech market.


Google said it created an advisory board of educators, IT administrators, developers and school district leaders. App Hub will also have content on how to use apps, tips, strategy and instructional content. 

According to Google the App Hub will be available later this year.  

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