HPE launches return to work, office reopening technologies

The systems include HPE servers and edge and Aruba gear for things like social distancing monitoring, messaging and fever detection.
Written by Larry Dignan on

Hewlett Packard Enterprise launched a handful of systems for business continuity and reopening offices amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The effort comes as a bevy of enterprise vendors have launched products based on early efforts with customers. Recent efforts include:

HPE's approach revolves around controlling the spread of COVID-19 with its software, hardware, and services. The company said it has customers in airport operations, food processing, and retail using its technology for social distancing, contact tracing, touchless entry, fever detection, and augmented reality.

According to the company, the return-to-work technologies are deployed by its Pointnext Services unit using HPE EdgeLine systems, ProLiant servers, and Aruba infrastructure. The systems breakdown like this:

  • Social distance tracing and tracking so employers can stay within guidelines. Employees can use Bluetooth-enabled devices if they are too close to a co-worker for too long. Companies can also monitor and manage face mask usage via video analytics.
  • Touchless entry using facia recognition.
  • Fever detection using thermal cameras, machine learning, and video analytics to alert staff.
  • Augmented reality and visual remote guidance for remote maintenance operations.
  • Workplace alerts and information sharing via apps and dashboards based on location.

HPE already has its Intelligent Workplace as a Service suite for enterprises to manage workplaces to boost productivity, retain talent, cut costs, and manage COVID-19.  

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