Intel Developer Forum: Full coverage

At its developer jamboree in San Jose this week Intel touted everything from computers for your socks to performance figures for the 64-bit McKinley chip. Find out what's fact and what's still fiction
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Intel's Developer Forum is one of the biggest events on the chip-head's calendar as PC manufacturers, software developers and even rival chip makers gather to find out what the Next Big Thing will be. At this week's IDF Intel released the first details of McKinley's performance and showed how hyperthreading will let one P4 can work as two. Among the highlights was a demonstration of pervasive computing, in which an Intel executive threw 1000 miniature computers -- which automatically configured themselves into an ad hoc wireless network -- into the audience. Elsewhere, Intel said it is relenting on the megahertz race, but almost in the same breath showed off a 3.5GHz Pentium 4 processor running Quake III and together with several simultaneous video streams. NEWS: McKinley to be twice as fast as Merced, says Intel
Wed 29 Aug At its Developer Forum in San Jose, Intel releases the first performance figures for McKinley and it looks promising, but 32-bit applications will see little benefit Banias ends the megahertz madness for Intel
Wed 29 Aug Intel is slowing down in its race for more megahertz, and plans to start tailoring processors more closely to the applications they will be used for Intel 'hyperthreading' doubles chip power
Wed 29 Aug Intel's new technology, called 'hyperthreading,' will take advantage of formerly unused circuitry in the Pentium 4 Intel sees recovery ahead
Tues 28 Aug Chip maker tells analysts that there are signs that the slump could be coming to an end Intel runs 0.13 micron chip in laptop
Tues 28 Aug Tualatin - Intel's 0.13 micron processor - gets an outing at the company's Developer Forum Intel demonstrates largest ad-hoc network
Tues 28 Aug At its Developer Forum in San Jose, Intel has demonstrated an ad-hoc network made up of 1,000 wireless network nodes, each the size of a 50p piece Pentium 4 fails to light a spark
Tues 28 Aug Analysts say the Pentium 4 has been much slower to gain market share than any of its predecessors - and only the forthcoming 845 chipset is likely to change matters Intel dives into pervasive computing
Tues 28 Aug In the future, computers are as likely to be found in the middle of forest fires - or even in your socks - as on the desktop
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