Judge grants permanent injunction against Psystar

A US District Court judge Tuesday granted Apple a permanent injunction against Mac clone maker Psystar. The move effectively stops Psystar from selling PCs with Apple's Mac OS X pre-installed.
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psystarstompedThe US District Court for the Northern District of California on Tuesday granted Apple’s (AAPL) request for a permanent injunction against the Mac clone maker. The move effectively stops Psystar from selling PCs with Apple's Mac OS X pre-installed.

“Defendant must bring its conduct into compliance with the injunction by midnight on December 31, 2009, at the latest,” U.S. District Judge William Alsup wrote in his ruling. “Defendant must immediately begin this process, and take the quickest path to compliance; thus, if compliance can be achieved within one hour after this order is filed, defendant shall reasonably see it done.”

Case closed.

The judge's injunction doesn’t include the company’s Rebel EFI software, however. The $49.99 software allows the easy installation of "multiple operating systems" (including Mac OS X) to be installed on generic PC. The warns that Psystar is is skating on thin ice with Rebel EFI:

It should be clear, however, that this ruling is without prejudice to Psystar bringing a new motion before the undersigned that includes real details about Rebel EFI, and opening itself up to formal discovery thereon.

Is anyone really surprised? Everyone knew that the proverbial hammer was going to fall on Psystar, eventually. What's going to become of Psystar? It could continue to sell generic PCs sans OS X slying offering Rebel EFI on the side but, as the judge warns, this opens the company up to more potential legal action from Cupertino. Will Apple go after Rebel EFI next?

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