KDN launches 3-D Internet TV station

by Choi Ji-yong 6 July 2000 (JoongAng Llbo) - KDN (www.kdn.

by Choi Ji-yong

6 July 2000 (JoongAng Llbo) - KDN (www.kdn.com), a subsidiary of Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) and information communication industry specialist, has entered the Internet broadcasting market by launching its own Internet broadcasting station, Power TV.com (www.power-tv.com) on July 4. Power TV.com will boast three dimensional motion pictures for the first time in Korea.

For this project, KDN formed a strategic alliances with YTN, a cable TV company specializing in 24-hour news, Cinero.com, an Internet movie provider, 3D Korea and AIS, the companies that are supplying the 3-D pictures, and Night Storm Media, a company specializing in animation.

A variety of content will be available through the different channels at Power TV. The major services available including 3-D motion pictures, YTN news, and Internet movies.

Its Internet movie service will boast a broad range of around 1,200 movies, in a variety of genres, including action and drama. KDN plans to add 20 new movies every week.

To enjoy the 3-D motion picture service, users need only purchase specially made 3-D glasses to view the 3-D films. Moreover, KDN plans to broadcast 2002 World Cup Games through its 3-D Internet broadcasting.

On top of all this, KDN plans to expand the applications for the 3-D technology, including it use in games, through a new business project targeting PC rooms.

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