Kids podcast to put some juice in school reports

Parent: "The most exciting thing is you see the kids. They're excited. They're learning."
Written by ZDNET Editors, Contributor

If you want to get fifth-graders excited about writing reports, turn them into radio stars. One Michigan school is doing just that by having students podcast their reports and uploading them to their own radio station, reports The Detroit Free Press.

The students at Quarton Elementary School in Birmingham, Mich., are recording their math, social studies, science and Spanish lessons and posting them on their student-run podcast station, RadioQ.

Their podcasts will be available through subscription through iTunes, fifth grade teacher Deb Woodman said. Interspersed in some podcasts will be student-made commercials. Students can also create digital audio files that can be listened to anytime and anywhere.

"The most exciting thing is you see the kids. They're excited. They're learning," said Valette Kaufman, PTA president.

One of the benefits to having students podcast their work is that is helps in assessing which kids need help.

"It helps us realize which children really understand and which need additional help," said teacher Cheri Crowe.

The fifth-graders have to record the script, edit it and can use music and sound effects with GarageBand.

"This is so exciting," Jessica said to Allison as they figured out how to make the end of their clip coincide with the beginning of the music.
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