KT launches 5G emergency video call service

The video calls are now available nation-wide.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

South Korean telco KT and the National Fire Agency have launched emergency video call centres using 5G networks, they announced.

Those facing emergencies can now make video calls using South Korea's emergency number, which is 119, to emergency call centres and vice versa.

Over 10 million emergency calls are made in the country per year, KT said, and video calls will allow the call centres to better assess situations to provide faster and adequate help.

The telco has been trialling the service in six cities since October but it will now be available nation-wide.

KT is also working with Severance Hospital in the Seodaemon District to further apply 5G networks in emergency services.

The pair plan to install 360-degree cameras and 5G network environments within ambulances to allow emergency service providers and hospital staff to communicate in real time.

Ambulances will also collect the biometric data of patients and relay them to doctors on the go so they can prepare the necessary care before patients arrive. 

South Korea has so far accrued 4 million subscribers onto its 5G networks. The country plans to double the spectrum available for the network by 2026.

Telcos are also testing ways to apply 5G networks besides conventional mobile use.

SK Telecom this week trialled an autonomous ship using 5G at a local ship yard.

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