KT to launch 5G network slicing for the enterprise

It will allow business customers to better cater their 5G networks for their needs, KT says.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

KT has wrapped up the development and verification for its 5G network slicing service aimed at the enterprise, the company said on Tuesday.

It will allow customers to optimise their networks to meet their specific requirements, the South Korean telco said.

5G network slicing divides a single physical 5G network into multiple virtual networks. KT's service applies this to the core network.

Customers will be able to divide the network to prioritise certain virtual networks to a specific workforce or application so that there is no interruption in data transfers.

For example, in a factory setting, the customer can divide the 5G network for wireless CCTVs with those used by the workers. Data transfers on the cameras would not be impacted by smartphone use by employees, which will allow uninterrupted monitoring of the sites, KT said.

It will also allow networks to be set so that some of them can only be accessed by designated Internet of Things (IoT) devices near the worksite, the telco said, which will increase security.

5G network slicing will significantly help applications such as smart factory, smart city, logistics, emergency service networks, and others, KT added.

The South Korean telco is looking to find various enterprise application for 5G networks. In May, it launched autonomous carts with 5G connectivity at its smartphone warehouses.

In December, in collaboration with the National Fire Agency, the telco launched 5G emergency video call service.

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