LG and KT to use AI for pandemic prevention

LG will collaborate with KT to use AI for future pandemic prevention, as well as for the development of new products and services.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

LG Electronics and LG Uplus have signed an agreement with KT to collaborate in the area of artificial intelligence (AI), the companies jointly announced on Wednesday.

The three have agreed to share and co-develop core AI technologies, create new products, services, and solutions through using AI, as well as use AI to solve social issues together.

The South Korean hardware giant and the two telcos will also work to foster AI talent, they said.

Their first project will be developing an AI pandemic prevention model in light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic. The project will entail KT and LG Uplus combining their roaming data with LG Electronics' AI platform and products.

KT has the most experience in this area as it previously proposed to the United Nations (UN) back in 2016 that global telcos should share data and co-develop preventive solutions for potential pandemics before eventually signing a memorandum of understanding with the UN later that year.

KT then rolled out its contagion prevention app in Ghana in collaboration with local authorities in August last year and is currently working with Safaricom of Kenya to do the same there.

As part of the agreement, LG and KT will also use AI to build solutions that aim to prevent environmental harm and increase industrial safety, they added.

They will also combine their respective AI platforms, KT's Giga Genie and LG ThinQ, to develop new services in addition to using KT and LG Uplus' 5G networks as part of research and development efforts.

In the AI space, KT has deployed its AI platform at local hotels to offer voice-commanded translation services for foreigners. It has also launched robots and home speakers with the platform. Meanwhile, LG has a designated ThinQ app that allows customers to control and configure consumer electronics and home appliances.

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